JD Wines and Bistro


Renéessance House is the quirky name for Jean and Renée’s self-
catering guesthouse. It is a lovely restored old barn, sitting on the
corner of the 666 m₂ plot in the centre of the Napier village.
It resonates JD Bistro with its black and white look on the outside
with a French style black, white and grey interior on the inside. The
guesthouse is an open plan reminiscent of the old barn look with a
separate bathroom.
It has wonderful views of the village from the veranda. After a long
day of experiencing what the Overberg has to offer it is a tranquil
and quiet place to unwind and relax.
One can have a quiet dinner at home or walk to one of the
restaurants round the corner. For the more adventurous take a
leisurely walk to JD Bistro for their 6 course tasting menu and enjoy
one or more of the award winning Jean Daneel Wines.